The Mythic Network

Fostering transformation through mythology, pop culture, and depth psychology.


My name is Boston Blake, and I'm the host of the Mythic podcast and community leader here at the Mythic Network. I created both as a way to connect fellow seekers of depth and meaning, and who find it in myth and folklore.

I long for more people with whom to explore life from an archetypal perspective. If you feel the same way, you are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Please come in.

Here you can share your creative and academic work, ideas, and passions. We're here to inspire and learn from one another. W encourage generous self-promotion and celebrate collaboration!

The Mythic Network is open to anyone with an interest in myth, regardless of expertise. We gather here to share and learn together.

But let's not be too precious about it. Myth is fun, exciting, and alive! Some may find meaning in Marvel movies or My Little Pony. Others, The Odyssey or The Oresteia. I myself write extensively about Wonder Woman. Whatever speaks to you is welcome!

The Social Difference

The Mythic Network uses the Mighty Networks platform, a private social network. Unlike the big blue social demons, we curate the content together. The timeline is just that--a timeline. No outrage-driven algorithms or collection and selling your private information.

While anyone is welcome to join, treating one another with dignity is required to remain. We may debate ideas but personal attacks and disrespectful communication will not be tolerated. 

That said, myth and folklore are fascinating and fun--we meet them in a spirit of serious play!

A Big Thanks

To everyone who has already participated in a Mythic course, donated to the Mythic podcast, or become a paid subscriber of the Mythic Perspective newsletter, THANK YOU! Our virtual rent is currently paid through February 2022.